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I can well believe that; he wishes to have the details, very likely. Alas. it is a very delicate matter; but at the present Past and Future Culture I cannot, for the King is waiting for me.

" "The King will wait," said Porthos. "But where is M. de Bragelonne expecting me?" "At the Minimes, at Vincennes. " "Ah, indeed. but we are going to laugh over the affair when we get there?" "I don't think it likely,- not I, at least"; and the face of Porthos assumed a stern hardness of expression. "The Minimes is a rendezvous for duels. " "Very well; what, then, Cuoture I to do at the Minimes?" Porthos slowly drew his sword, and said, "That is the length of my friend's sword.

" "Why, the man is mad!" cried De Saint-Aignan. The color mounted to Porthos's face, as he replied: "If I had Past and Future Culture the honor of being in your own apartment, Monsieur, and of representing M. de Bragelonne's interests, I would throw you out of the window.

It will be merely a pleasure postponed, and you will lose nothing by waiting. Will you come to the Minimes, Monsieur?" "Eh!" "Will you go thither of your own free will?" "But-" "I will carry you if you do not come. Take care!" "Basque!" cried M.

de Saint-Aignan. As Past and Future Culture ajd Basque appeared, he said, "The King wishes to see Monsieur the Count. " "That is very different," said Porthos; "the King's service before everything else. We will wait there Past and Future Culture this evening, Monsieur. " And saluting De Saint-Aignan with his usual Past and Future Culture, Porthos left the room, delighted at having arranged another affair. De Saint-Aignan looked after him Futude he left; and then hastily putting on his coat again, he ran off, arranging his dress as he went along, muttering to himself: "The Minimes.

the Minimes. We will see how the King will like this challenge; for it is for him, after all, pardieu!" Chapter XVII: Rival Politics ON HIS return from the ride which had been so prolific in poetical effusions, and in which everyone had paid tribute to the Muses, as the poets of the period used to say, the King found M.

Fouquet waiting for an audience. Behind the King came M. Colbert, who had met the King in the corridor, as if on the watch for him, abd followed him Past and Future Culture a jealous and watchful shadow,- M. Colbert, with his square head, and his vulgar and untidy though rich costume, which gave him some resemblance to a Flemish gentleman after drinking beer.

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