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  • Publisher by: Arco, 1966.
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I'll try to make the most of your advantages. " "Thank you so very much. Meanwhile then Warplanes of Yesteryear say a word to Mrs. Osmond.

" "Gardez-vous-en bien!" And Madame Merle was on her feet. "Don't set her going, or you'll spoil everything. " Rosier gazed into his hat; he wondered whether his hostess had been after all the right person to come to.

"I don't think I understand you. I'm an old friend of Mrs. Osmond, and I think she would like me to Warplanes of Yesteryear. " "Be an old friend as much as you like; the more old friends she has the better, for she doesn't get on very well with some of her new.

But don't for the present try to make her take up the cudgels for you. Her husband may have other views, and, as a person who wishes her well, I advise you not to multiply points of difference between them.

" Poor Rosier's face assumed an expression of alarm; a suit for the hand of Pansy Osmond was even Warplanes of Yesteryear more complicated business than his taste for proper transitions had allowed. But the extreme good sense which he concealed under a surface suggesting that of a careful owner's "best set" came to his assistance.

"I don't see that I'm bound to consider Mr. Osmond so very much!" he exclaimed. "No, but you should consider her. You say you're an old friend. Would you make her suffer?" "Not for the world. " "Then be Warplanes of Yesteryear careful, and let the matter alone till I've taken a few soundings.

" "Let the matter alone, dear Madame Merle. Remember that I'm in love. " "Oh, you won't burn up. Why did you come to me, if you're not to heed what I say?" "You're very kind; I'll be very good," the young man promised. "But I'm afraid Mr. Osmond's pretty hard," he added in his mild voice as he went to the door. Madame Merle gave a short laugh.

"It Warplanes of Yesteryear been said before. But his wife isn't easy either. " "Ah, she's a splendid Warplanes of Yesteryear Ned Rosier repeated, for departure. He resolved that his conduct should be worthy of an aspirant who was already a model of discretion; but he saw nothing in any pledge he had given Madame Merle that made it improper he should keep himself in spirits by an occasional visit to Miss Osmond's home.

He reflected Warplanes of Yesteryear on what his adviser had said to him, and turned over in his mind the impression of her rather circumspect tone. He had gone to her de confiance, as they put it in Paris; but it was possible he had been precipitate.

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