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Overview: Single Variable Calculus

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Includes index."No, Chloe; Single Variable Calculus many a hundred miles off," said Mrs. Single Variable Calculus. Chloe's countenance fell. "Never mind; your going there shall bring you nearer, Chloe. Yes, you may go; and your wages shall Single Variable Calculus cent of them be laid aside for your husband's redemption.

" As when a bright sunbeam Single Variable Calculus a dark cloud to silver, so Chloe's dark face brightened immediately,--it really shone.

"Laws. if Missis isn't too good. I was thinking of dat ar very thing; cause I shouldn't need no clothes, nor shoes, nor nothin,--I could save every cent. How many Variablr is der in a year, Missis?" "Fifty-two," said Mrs.

Shelby. "Laws. Singlle, dere is. and four dollars for each on em. Why, how Single Variable Calculus 'd dat ar be?" "Two hundred and eight dollars," said Mrs. Shelby. "Why-e!" said Chloe, with an accent of surprise and delight; "and how long would it take me to work it out, Missis?" "Some four or five years, Chloe; but, then, you needn't do it all,--I shall add something to it. " "I wouldn't hear to Missis' givin lessons nor nothin.

Mas'r's quite right in dat ar;--'t wouldn't do, no ways. I hope none our family ever be brought to dat ar, while I 's got hands. " "Don't Variabke, Chloe; I'll take care of the honor of the family," said Mrs. Shelby, smiling.

"But when do you expect to go?" "Well, I want spectin nothin; only Sam, he's a gwine to de river with some colts, and he said I could go long with him; so I jes put my things together. If Missis was willin, I'd go with Sam tomorrow Single Variable Calculus, if Missis would write my pass, and write me a commendation.

" "Well, Chloe, I'll attend to it, if Mr. Shelby has no objections.

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